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Here are some of our media appearances in the Ottawa area.

Get More Out of Your Spinning Workout – February 26, 2015

Want to get more out of your spinning workout? The time of day you train and how you train can help. Simon Adeseko explains to CTV Morning Live’s Lianne Liang in this clip.

Plyomax Grand Opening – January 30, 2014

CTV Morning Show ( clip 1, clip 2): Simon and Plyomax Trainers join the CTV Morning Live show to talk about the grand opening of Plyomax Fitness Centre in Riverside South.

Simon Adeseko One Thumb Push Ups World Record

Here’s Simon doing 8 one-thumb push ups for a world record in 2006. He is cheered on by the kids at Ashbury college.

Profile on Master Trainer Simon Adeseko by Swedish Magazine Friskispressens

He has the world record on one thumb push ups

Simon Adeseko came back after a bad car accident. " The doctors told me I would never train again the way I used too for track and field, but the book about Bruce Lee made me determined to get back."

In the summer of 2006 and in front of the TV audience on the local channel in Ottawa Simon Adeseko stepped out in the lime light and did seven one thumb push ups.

Friskispressens reporter team met him on location in Ottawa a little over a year after the first achievement. Today he can do ten on either thumb.

But everything hasn't always been easy for Simon Adeseko born in Ottawa, when only 17 years of age he was hit by a car. Representing his school in track and field and aspiring to become an athlete trainer or coach, Simon felt his dreams were swept away that day in 1990 when he was hit by a car. His leg was badly injured and the doctors told him he would never be able train and run again. " I was only 17 and my dreams were crushed" Simon tells us.

While in the hospital Simon read a book by Bruce Lee, moved by the strength and possibility of what a strong core can produce as described by Bruce Lee, Simon decided to train his core in his hospital bed. It took two years for Simon to be able to run and be active as he was before the accident meanwhile he had worked on and built up his core- abdominal muscles.

" For two years I trained my core after Bruce Lee's philosophy. He is one of the strongest men throughout time in comparison to his size and his numerous physical feats"

" When returned to the tracks I was faster, stronger and in better shape than ever before. I am convinced that anyone with a strong core can manage almost anything physically. That was proven to me when I ran 100 meters in 10. 2 seconds without any coach/trainer assistance."

Friskispressens reporter team meets up with Simon Adeseko at New Body Dimension in Ottawa the capital city of Canada. It's five o'clock in the afternoon and Simon has been on the go since 6 am.

" I really do love my job and can not imagine doing anything else" he tells us.

Simon usually starts his day by training a University basketball team. But the training doesn't include technical training or shooting the ball. His specialty is endurance and core training. " With a strong core you can do almost anything. I do a 3 minute sit up routine every morning. That is enough to increase my strength."

Q - How much training have you done for your one thumb push ups?
A- Almost nothing. I do them when someone is curious and asks about them. My strength comes from my abdominals, or core.

Q -Is one thumb stronger than the other?
A- No, they are both the same. Today I can do ten push ups on either side. It was one year ago that I went for the Guiness Book of Records and I am stronger now than then.

Q –What is your philosophy as a personal trainer?
A- As with myself I want my clients to be healthy and fit. I believe in training for lean muscle mass more than anything else because it acts as a fat burning furnace. It enables you to feel stronger and helps in contributing to better endurance. I am not into training that makes you very big and bulky. Why? Well couple of years down the road that heavy bulk will be your worst enemy!

Q – At first glance one would think you are using steroids. What are your thoughts on that?
A- When people ask me about steroids my answer is always the same: Why? To be bigger? To be faster? When you find out someone is taking steroids the respect for the person is gone so why do it. I think people taking steroids are lazy and do not have enough self esteem to reach their maximum. It is possible without illegal substances to get to your maximum training capacity. The key is train naturally to your own maximum ability not someone else, and don't be surprised if you train hard enough you'll get more than what you expect. You don't have to be the size of a car to be strong, take a look at the feats of Bruce Lee and one can come to the conclusive fact that you don't need steroids to gain respect.

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