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Our team of certified Plyomax personal trainers all have a special combination of knowledge of the human body, coaching abilities and fantastic attitudes that will motivate you to push yourself to the next level. Our training philosophy values injury prevention as well as proper nutrition. We value your goals and will work with you to achieve results.

Plyomax trainers must have a background in anatomy, kinesiology, sports and fitness or have another foundation in human biology. We only hire the best trainers who are then given additional training by Simon Adeseko to reach the Plyomax methods and standards.

If you are interested in joining our team check out the Careers section for more information.

Jackie Benn

Personal Trainer

About Jackie

Jackie's favourite place to sweat is outside, even in the winter! Jackie is a devoted triathlete - having completed all distances with her latest feat of IRONMAN Mt. Tremblant in 2015.

With a background in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and an Occupational Rehabilitation certification, Jackie is well versed in different types of exercise and sport. This lends to her personal training abilities to train athletes, clients suffering from injuries and everyone in between! In her spare time, Jackie enjoys cooking, playing volleyball, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.


Weight Loss · Strength Training · Athletic Performance Improvement · Rehabilitation · Nutrition Counseling

Simon Adeseko

Plyomax Master Coach,
Plyomax CEO and Founder,
Program Designer

About Simon

CEO/Founder of Plyomax, Simon has been designing and choreographing Plyomax training systems for over 20 years. Simon has trained several professional athletes – including former NHL Ottawa native, Justin Papineau, NFL Baltimore Ravens defensive end Christo Bilukidi, Canadian and world ranked squash pro Samantha Cornett, coaching them to achieve their maximal plyometric potential. His background includes over 15 years of experience training, coaching and being specialist in the Plyomax methods. Working with doctors and physiotherapists Simon as a back strengthening specialist has worked with many individuals with issues ranging from Cauda Equina, to DDD, helping them to strengthen their back and core. His Plyomax bootcamp program is popularly known to help individuals lose weight, rehabilitate and build strength.

Simon has an Integrated Science Degree with a concentration in Health Science and Mathematics. He also holds several certifications in personal training and sports performance.


Weight Loss & Weight Management · Rehabilitation · Mobility Issues · Athletic Training · Plyomax Boot Camp Training · Fitness and Nutrition · Program Design

Rashide Robinson

Personal Trainer

About Rashide

An avid participant in several sports including basketball, football, soccer, softball and rugby, Rashide has been interested in athletics throughout his life. It is this passion that fueled Rashide's love for fitness.

Rashide's goal is to apply his extensive knowledge of the human body and his experience in the field to help others improve their level of fitness and overall quality of life. As Fitness Manger, Rashide plays a large role in helping develop and instructing many of the specialized Plyomax classes.

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Weight Loss & Weight Management · Back Pain Rehabilitation · Lean Mass Training · Strength Training · Athletic Training · Plyomax Boot Camp Training · Spin Instructor · Program Design

Adam Larson

Personal Trainer

About Adam

Adam Larson is a former professional wrestler from Calgary Alberta, where he trained with the industry renowned Hart family. He has also lived in Mexico City training in Lucha Libre. Adam brings a unique approach to training, using aspects of his ten years experience in wrestling and his current interest, boxing. He has a twice a week boxing class that is continuously growing in popularity. Adam is caring and passionate about his clients and very happy to be apart of the Plyomax team.

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Strength Training · Athletic Performance Improvement · Mobility · Boxing

Jocelyn Poirier

Personal Trainer

About Jocelyn

Jocelyn has a deep passion for health and fitness. She loves helping others develop and strengthen their physical skills and knowledge.

Jocelyn played soccer and ran track most of her life and is an avid cyclist. She took her passion for fitness and received her diploma in personal training and exercise sports nutrition. Her expertise allows her to design and customize fitness programs for weight loss and management, strength training, pre and post-natal and sports specific training. Jocelyn is very energetic and will motivate you to reach your full potential!

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Weight Loss · Strength Training · Athletic Performance Improvement

Rob Falcon

Personal Trainer

About Rob

Rob has always had a passion for good health and fitness. His love of running and cycling inspired him to pursue a career in the fitness industry. From spinning and circuit training classes, his level of expertise brings nothing but fun and motivation to clients.

Rob is an avid sports enthusiast and plays baseball, softball as well as has participated in several triathlons. He is eager to help transform his client’s quality of life through active participation in fun fitness activities and guided programs.

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High Level Intensity Programs · Strength Training · Weight Loss · Nutrition

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