Teen Summer Health
& Fitness Program

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Program runs July 5 to August 30, 2017!

Our goal at Plyomax is to create a positive environment for teens within our community. Our experience has shown that by helping our teens achieve their fitness goals, we set them on a path to an active and healthy lifestyle.

This exclusive program is for all levels of ability - all are welcome! Each week our Certified Plyomax Specialists will provide 6 hours of different types of training from circuit, weight, boxing, running/spinning, plyometric and much more! We will also guide teens to a clean and manageable approach to nutrition.

Program details below:

  • Access to Plyomax Fitness Centre from 12:00 PM– 2:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • A personalized assessment and orientation session from one of our personal trainers. Your teen’s needs and goals will be combined with their current fitness level to create a special program just for them.
  • Ongoing instruction and coaching by personal trainers. This will help ensure that your teen is exercising safely and avoiding injury. We look for corrective and postural alignment issues, as well as progress towards goals.
  • A fun, camp-like atmosphere with young people their own age.
  • A chance to burn off some youthful energy in a positive environment.

Please note:

  • This program is for teens 12-17 years old only.
  • A parent/guardian MUST sign a waiver in order for a teen to enroll in this program.

Train Hard, Train Clean

At Plyomax we educate our members on how to make wise choices when it comes to fitness.

Plyomax teaches teens to avoid the dangerous side-effects of taking unnecessary supplements and products that can adversely affect their growing bodies. Unfortunately this is a growing practice amongst teens and is fast becoming a bad habit that concerns us all.

As the only fitness centre in the city known for a supplement-free, diet-free and clean approach to achieving training results, parents can be rest assured that at Plyomax our teens in the community will be given the right view and guidance to fitness.

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