Total Body

Push yourself to the next level

This class is a perfect combination of weights and cardio for an addictive full body workout. Incorporating free weights into a cardio class helps build and strengthen major muscle groups, while burning calories and defining your core. This is a high energy class that will give you a rush of endorphins and push you to the next level of your fitness experience. Total Body is great for everyone. Women love that this class burns upwards of 400 - 500 calories, while men tend to enjoy developing lean body mass.

Like all Plyomax classes, you receive personalized instruction in a group setting. If you are new to weight lifting, the instructor will ensure that you are using correct form. We make sure this class has the right level of challenge for everyone by making sure you use the correct weights (5lbs - 60lbs).

Even experienced fitness lovers will work up a sweat!

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