Plyomax Bootcamp

Transform your body and mind

Our famous Plyomax Bootcamp is an intense 8 week training program designed to stimulate all of your body's muscle groups from head to toe.

Plyomax Bootcamp will push you to challenge yourself, build core strength, burn calories, increase cardiovascular endurance and combat stress through a variety of exercises in a motivating group setting. Our certified Bootcamp instructors will you to push you to your limits no matter your age or fitness level. We teach you how to train hard, eat well, get lean and stay lean with guaranteed results!

Stay tunned for the next round of Bootcamp!

Congratulations to our recent Plyomax Group I & II Graduates! This program ran from Jan 6th - March 6th and every participant lost several pounds and many inches - transforming their bodies! Great job everyone.

Group I lost a combined total of 68lbs and 38% body fat. Group II lost a combined total of 61lbs and 40% body fat.

A big shout out to Adam who broke a 15 year Plyomax Bootcamp record with a total weight loss of 20lbs and 10.6% body fat!

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