Fitness Classes

At Plyomax we have classes for everyone, no matter what age or fitness level! All of our classes feature personal instruction from a teacher to ensure you’re doing the exercise correctly to avoid injury and maintain proper form. You are never left to just "follow along as best as you can." Most of our classes are held in our unique low-impact flooring classroom. This ensures there is less tension on your joints. Each class is designed to leave you feeling energized and healthy. The best part? All classes are included in your membership!

Below is a list of our classes and a description of each, be sure to check out the fitness schedule to make sure you don't miss a class!

Total Body

Weights + cardio = the perfect workout. This class uses free weights and an energetic pace to build and strengthen your total body.

T.A.G. (Thighs, Abs & Glutes)

Burn up to 700 calories in this fast-paced hour of energizing fun. You'll get toned and defined thighs, abs, and glutes - and kill that muffin top.


Pull on the gloves and get ready to work that bag! This cardio approach to boxing fundamentals will make you work up a sweat and improve your coordination.


Taught by our certified Pilates instructor, this class emphasizes core strength and flexibility. A great complement to weight training and many other areas of fitness.

Plyomax Bootcamp

A Plyomax Fitness exclusive 8-week program teaching you how to train hard, eat well, get lean and stay lean. Guaranteed results!

Plyomax Athletic Program

A specialized program that will take young athletic individuals to the next level. Used to train NHL, NFL, Canadian and National teams.

Circuit Training

This plateau-busting class includes cardio, core strength exercised and weights in one intense and energizing hour.


Join the party and groove to Latin and hip hop rhythms in this dance class. You'll have so much fun you won't notice how hard you're working.

Stretch and Flow

This class gives you the best of yoga and adds important back rehabilitation and core strength exercises to help with asymmetry issues.

Plyomax Spin

Using the best designed spin bikes in a state-of-the-art multimedia studio, Plyomax Spin makes every spin class an experience.

Cardio 4 You

Kick it into full gear with this intense but fun cardio class that is never the same twice. We'll work you hard but we promise you'll leave energized!

Abs Blaster

We love training abs and core muscles because they keep our backs healthy and pain free. It's so hard, but it's SO good for you!

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